Nanjing Xiu platinum is a subsidiary of Dingli group. It is the vice president of Specialized Committee and the double innovation base of China business economics society. Under the flag: Nanjing Xiu platinum wine company, Nanjing Xiu platinum Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Nanjing show platinum Information Technology Co., Nanjing Jiangning Wanda operation center, Shanghai Baoshan Central Technology Center, the company Xiu Mei Lingxiang series wine production base is located in Zhejiang, Xianju, the deep processing of Bayberry in Zhejiang Province, accounting for the leading enterprises. The area is more than 30 mu, and the annual production capacity is 20 thousand tons. Since its founding, it has begun to incubate college students' entrepreneurship, incubate traditional Internet transformation, and provide entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurial support, entrepreneurial products and entrepreneurial resources for college students and social groups, and to help all groups to achieve rapid entrepreneurship and rapid profit.
Corporate culture
Nanjing Xiu platinum, with patriotism, love of the party, respect for work, integrity, civilization, harmony, freedom, equality, and friendliness, is the core of the mind, to achieve harmony between man and man, harmony between man and nature, and harmony between man and society.
Following the management concept of rational development and integrity first, we should advocate the development process of team and brand advancing together so as to develop enterprises and enterprises together.
Our mission
Our vision
Our values
Nanjing Xiu platinum is committed to creating a better health product as its vision, integrating China's characteristic and not going out healthy products, completing the health chain layout, conveying to the consumers through our unique patterns and channels, and promoting the farmers to become rich.
All members of Nanjing Xiu platinum are starting a new starting point with the new achievements made by the enterprises, further starting new markets, constantly enhancing the logistics support capability, further promoting brand strategy, health industry chain layout, regional planning and model innovation, quicken the pace of globalization strategy, keep the continuous development of the enterprises, and strive to be the first to be the first. The spirit of innovation, the realization of the new leap of the show platinum.
Nanjing Xiu platinum takes the mission of promoting Chinese traditional culture and pursuing innovation excellence, helping farmers get rich and helping university students start their own businesses. For the country's innovation and public entrepreneurship.
The development process of the company
The company was formally established and worked with Taobao university to focus on Taobao e-commerce training.
The company added new projects to micro businesses and new media to increase development, operation and promotion. To help traditional enterprises to transform the Internet, Internet operation and promotion. It has provided publicity and publicity services for several major events and gained good reputation.

Seize the new retail trend, a major breakthrough, the birth of the company's first independent high-end brand, Xiu Mei Liu Xiang, enter the new retail industry, the company's industry officially landed.
Our major breakthroughs
Future goals
In the next 5-10 years, 10 new products have been developed, with annual sales of 1 billion, and 50 warehousing centers under the layout line, to achieve the landing of the membership service industry chain: Hotel, catering, tourism, entertainment, leisure and so on.
We will create 10 members with an annual income of 10 million, 100 members with 1 million annual income and 1000 members with 100 thousand annual income. Export products and models to Korea, Japan and other countries.
Room 803-804, block C, Wanda Plaza, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China
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